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Abdominoplasty removes excess abdominal skin and fat and often simultaneously tightens the abdominal muscles, thereby further narrowing the waistline. Full abdominoplasty leaves a long scar from hip to hip. It is placed to lie under the level of one’s underwear or swimsuit. If only the lower abdominal skin is excessive (or prominent after caesarian section) a mini-abdominoplasty may be used. This scar only runs above the pubic area, hence is much smaller than the scar created after full abdominoplasty. Liposuction to the upper abdomen may be performed in combination with mini-abdominoplasty, to achieve the best result possible in both the upper and lower abdomen, with the least amount of scarring. However, such cases must be selected and is not for anyone with an excess of upper abdominal skin.
Abdominoplasty is often performed if there is excess skin following pregnancy or weight loss, or if there are unsightly scars from previous surgery. It should be noted that abdominoplasty is not a substitute for weight loss.



All operations and invasive procedures carry some risk of complications.
Dr Sylaidis will discuss this with you and encourages seeking a second opinion.

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