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This surgical procedure solely aims to lift and reshape breasts. No reduction in size is provided. It is an excellent option for women who while happy with the general size of their breasts, wish to restore them to their former shape, as they were in earlier years, prior to pregnancies and breast feeding. This may achieved with techniques that do not interfere with possible future breast feeding.
Mastopexy may also be used to correct asymmetry that is the result of abnormal development or to help match a normal breast with a reconstructed breast
Combination mastopexy with breast implant is very useful for very droopy breasts that have also lost volume. The mastopexy removes excess skin and lifts the breasts, while the implant augments volume
Other effects and goals achieved with mastopexy include reduction in areola size and correction of their position and orientation
Mastopexy is regarded as a cosmetic procedure and is therefore generally undertaken because patients chose to have it done rather than for any specific symptoms.



All operations and invasive procedures carry some risk of complications.
Dr Sylaidis will discuss this with you and encourages seeking a second opinion.

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