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This operation reduces and raises large, sagging breasts; making them more comfortable in size and attractive in shape. This is commonly performed for women with very large breasts, causing pain in the shoulders, back or lower neck. Breast reduction also improves posture, overall appearance and often self-esteem. Additionally, it is often sought out by sports-women who find large breasts to be an encumbrance. Besides reducing size and improving shape, this operation also raises the breast up to its original position, improving projection and cleavage without the need for supportive bras.
Surgical scars are placed around the nipple/areola and down the undersurface of the breast. There are several options of techniques, some result in less scarring, but one must select the most suitable technique for each patient.




All operations and invasive procedures carry some risk of complications.
Dr Sylaidis will discuss this with you and encourages seeking a second opinion.

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