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Burns may be caused by heat, chemicals or electrical energy. They may be superficial or deep, and may involve structures deeper than skin.
Management includes:

  1. removing the causative agent ( which may require neutralising agents with some chemical burns)
  2. resuscitating the patient who has suffered major burns, usually anything over 10%, especially the young or elderly patients. Fire related injuries need attention to the patient’s airway, especially with smoke inhalation.
  3. management of other serious injuries ( eg associated trauma, organ damage from electrocution and some chemicals etc)
  4. releasing constrictive burn eschar that may be restricting breathing or circulation
  5. early debridement of deeper burns and skin grafting to facilitate better healing
  6. long-term rehabilitation of serious burns and scar management

Simpler burns are dealt with by Dr Sylaidis’ service, however severe or extensive burns are transferred to tertiary burn centres for management following initial resuscitation.


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