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About Dr Sylaidis


The Erbium Yag and CO2 laser is used for scarless removal of moles and other types of benign skin tumours, plus for the removal of superficial non-metastasing skin cancers such as superficial Basal Cell Cancers and Squamous Cell Carcinoma In-situ (Bowen’s disease). It is also very effective in resurfacing badly sun-damaged skin which has extensive solar keratosis and is at risk of producing skin cancers. This procedure has revolutionised the treatment of aesthetically important areas such as solar damaged lower lips, ears and noses, which hitherto required complete surgical excision and reconstruction. Now such areas may be resurfaced in a couple of minutes under local anaesthetic and be healed within ten to fourteen days, with scarless new skin, regrown from the residual basal structure. However, it should not be used for the removal of advanced cancers or those at risk of spreading, such as invasive SCC and melanomas. Dr Sylaidis has extensive experience with laser assisted ablation and skin resurfacing, having worked for six years in one of Australia’s most prestigious private laser centers, Adelaide Plastic Surgery Associates (APSA).


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