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The inner thigh and inner upper arm are very difficult to adequately reduce with liposuction, due to the quality of fat, and the persistence of excess skin. There is always a large excess of skin in these areas after significant weight reduction. Though unsightly this excess may be easily removed surgically. Moderate excesses may only require a limited scar, hidden in the arm-pit or groin. However, large skin excesses can only be effectively removed by a long elliptical excision along the length of the inner arm or thigh. If the prescribed scar management routine is adhered to, then the resultant scars tend to be fine and hardly noticeable. The image below shows the length and position of the scar on the inner upper arm at 6 months after surgery.


All operations and invasive procedures carry some risk of complications.
Dr Sylaidis will discuss this with you and encourages seeking a second opinion.

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