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Excessive breast tissue on men is remarkably common. At least one in three have some noticeable excess, affecting either one or both sides of the chest. In the vast majority, the cause is harmless, being due to local tissue hormone sensitivity and excess fat deposition. However, it may occasionally be due to medical problems or certain drugs. Enlarged male breasts due to tumours are very rare but need be considered if there are suggestive features. Your doctor or plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with an assessment. Medical causes if present need to be corrected before any type of breast reduction procedure is performed.
The excess fat in smaller male breasts may be removed by liposuction alone. This technique involves the aspiration of breast fat via tiny incisions. Liposuction alone is very effective in mild to moderate cases, but one needs good quality elastic skin, to get the best result. When there is poor skin elasticity, then the excess skin may need to be surgically removed in addition to the underlying breast tissue.
Very large breasts are best dealt with surgical reduction, or at least in combination with liposuction. This entails creating a certain amount of permanent scarring on the chest; however this is often much preferred to large breasts. Dr Sylaidis will be able to make a full assessment and recommend the most appropriate treatment option with the least amount of associated scarring.



All operations and invasive procedures carry some risk of complications.
Dr Sylaidis will discuss this with you and encourages seeking a second opinion.

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