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Microsurgery requires significant magnification, normally with an operating microscope, to repair or transfer blood vessels and nerves that would be impossible to do with the naked eye. It permits one to join together vessels as small as one millimeter in diameter. Dr Sylaidis normally uses it for free flaps: that is the moving of a unit of tissue (skin, muscle, bone etc) from one site to another that is too distant to do directly. The unit of tissue is harvested with its blood vessels attached and these are rejoined to the recipient site vessels with the aid of the operating microscope. For example, skin may be taken from the forearm and used to resurface and heal a major wound to the face that would not be possible otherwise. Dr Sylaidis also frequently uses it to repair injured nerves of the face after trauma, and when required, to bring in new muscle to help move the face e.g. transferring the gracilis muscle from the inner thigh to the face to replace lost facial muscles. Microsurgery has been one of the great advances of plastic surgery in the 20th century.


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